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Project HUSRB/1903/11/0070 – Tender Procedure

The following announcement contains information about procurement procedure planned by Lower Danube Valley Water Directorate, as a part of the implementation of the Project HUSRB/1903/11/0070.

  • Project ID: HUSRB/1903/11/0070
  • Project Title: “Improving Floodplain Forest Management along the Danube in the HU-SRB CBC area”
  • Acronym: SafeForest
  • Subject of the Tender: Danube River Forest-oriented Forecast Study and website
  • Type of procedure: „Simplified“
  • The tender dossier is available by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: forest.ipa@aduvizig.hu
  • Deadline for submission of the tender:  20th January 2021., 12:00 (local time)